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Top Eliminator Dragster opens at The Outlet 66 Mall in Canóvanas

Thrill seekers in Puerto Rico have the chance to feel the ultimate in automotive acceleration with the majestic backdrop of El Yunque Rainforest at Top Eliminator Dragster Puerto Rico, located in the back parking lot of The Outlet 66 Mall.

Race car enthusiasts visiting The Outlet 66 Mall can get a double shot of high-octane adrenaline when they rocket down the drag strip at Top Eliminator Dragster Puerto Rico- the first and only dragster racing simulation ride on the island with a roof covering it for rainy days that is independently run – from 0 to more than 60 mph under four seconds, powered by a 300-horsepower propane engine that produces 2.8 G forces. 

Top Eliminator Dragster Puerto Rico is part of the Sector Sixty6 entertainment complex at The Outlet 66 Mall, which has the most modern bowling alley with LED lights and big screens, an Arcade Mania with more than 200 of the newest arcade games in the market, indoor electric go-kart racing franchise K1 Speed and Fun Box, a rope course where you can climb up to 20 feet in the air and finish off with the thrill of ziplining.

Six dragster cars at Top Eliminator Dragster Puerto Rico are pitted against each other side-by-side on 190-ft. long parallel tracks, where each car has a 12-foot long guide blade bolted to the frame that sets in an underground channel system to keep them from leaving its lane. This doesn’t take away from the racing thrill.

“We have a total of nine dragsters that are totally custom-made to simulate drag racing as close to real experience as possible,” said Justin Tirri, owner of The Outlet 66 Mall and Sector Sixty6. “Each driver will have control over the break and gas from the starting line to the finish line but not the steering.”

Drivers, with a 4’8” minimum height requirement, are strapped in securely with a multi-point harness and are staged at the tree lights. Green lights mean the start of the race; drivers step on the gas pedal to feel the power and speed as they launch down the track.

At the finish line a computer-controlled braking system causes roller coaster air brakes to clamp onto the underground guide blade and stop the car in less than 120 feet. Then drivers are pulled back to the staging area for yet another run – three races in total for one-time run package.

Times are displayed for each person above their lane, and the trick of achieving the best time depends on your quick reaction when the light hits green.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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