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Triple-S focusing on causes that impact health in P.R.

As it marks its 60th anniversay,  Triple-S announced its support for two causes that influence social factors that have a significant impact on health in Puerto Rico.

“Social determinants of health include a wide range of issues. To be more effective, we have chosen to focus on access to healthy food and emotional wellbeing,” said Triple-S CEO Bobby García. 

“From our beginnings, our business focus has been to provide preventive care and access to health services,” he said.

“However, we are aware of a growing body of evidence that suggests that we need to address social conditions that have a greater impact on the health of individuals,” he said. “That is why we are aligning our corporate social responsibility vision and community efforts to support and complement our business rationale.”

These factors, also known as social determinants of health, have a greater weight on the health of individuals than genetics and access to clinical care because they are linked to the place in which people live. 

“Although different organizations refer to social determinants in different ways, we can sum them up as the place where you live, your economic stability and access to healthy food, level of education, access to transportation and your level of social integration in your community and other groups,” García said. 

“These factors — depending on the study you consult — determine your health and longevity in more than 60%,” ge said. 

However, the executive explained that despite the weight that these factors have on health, they do not represent an “inevitable outcome.” 

“Precisely, the act of discussing and understanding these factors can help us as individuals, as families and communities influence these areas and improve our health,” he added. 

In the context of its anniversary, Triple-S has established alliances with two organizations: World Central Kitchen and its “Plow to Plate” program and the Albizu University, said Ivelisse Fernández, chief marketing officer of Triple-S and director of the Triple-S Foundation. 

“Through ‘Plow to Plate,’ Triple-S will support the development of local farms, a key step towards improving access to nutritional food. With the university we will address an equally important need, promote emotional wellbeing and greater connections among individuals and communities,”she said.

The Triple-S Foundation will award a $100,000 grant to WCK to stimulate the development of more farms and urban and community vegetable plots. Fernández added that the nonprofit’s employee volunteer program will also include supporting “Plow to Plate” projects.

Triple-S has also established an agreement with Albizu University that allows students to hold workshops designed to promote greater resiliency and emotional wellbeing among individuals and communities. 

This is based on what is known as positive psychology. The workshops are slated to begin this summer, she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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