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Triple-S Foundation unveils ‘Alimenta tu cuerpo, Alimenta tu alma’ recipe book

Triple-S Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to addressing two social determinants of health — food insecurity and emotional wellbeing, in particular social isolation — unveiled the “Alimenta tu cuerpo, Alimenta tu alma” (“Feed your body, Feed your mind” recipe book, which will be available for free at alimentatepuertorico.com.

“With this publication we continue to work on our ‘Alimenta tu cuerpo, Alimenta tu alma,’ initiative, that we used to launch the Triple-Foundation last year to address social determinants of health, in particular food security and social isolation,” said Ivelisse Fernández, executive director of the foundation and chief marketing officer at Triple-S.

The book includes recipes from four renowned young chefs who are part of the farm-to-table movement that emphasizes the use of local ingredients, therefore promoting local agriculture. It also includes recipes from two well-known food bloggers and from wellness experts.

The publication is divided into three sections, morning, afternoon and evening. Each section offers the reader recipes to satisfy both appetites, the physical and emotional, the nonprofit said.

The book contains 30 food recipes and 24 recipes, or reflections, for emotional wellbeing.

The chefs include Francis Guzmán of Vianda, Gabriel Hernández of Verde Mesa, Paxx Caraballo of Jungle BaoBao and Xavier Pacheco of Bacoa. In addition, food bloggers Dev Amadeo and Leslie Vega, a fan and proponent of vegan cuisine, also contributed their recipes.

Meanwhile, the reflections were provided by Sonia Cepeda, associate professor at Albizu University, Carla de la Torre, nutritionist, dietitian and exercise physiologist, and Nayda Fernández, yoga instructor. Author and opinion columnist Ana Teresa Toro wrote the prologue.

The publication’s webpage encourages the creation of a virtual community, through which online visitors may contribute their own cooking recipes as well as tips for emotional wellbeing.

The book has the “Made in Puerto Rico” seal, since it was produced and printed on the island, and all collaborators, including the photographers, are local, the foundation said.

Most of the recipes include nutritional claims endorsed by the Puerto Rico College of Nutritionists and Dietitians.  Information on the nutritional content of each recipe is included in case they need to be adapted to meet dietary needs.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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