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Pollo Tropical Puerto Rico wins ‘Franchisee of the Year’

Pollo Tropical Puerto Rico outdid its peers worldwide.

As a result of its good business practices, fast-food chain Pollo Tropical was selected by Pollo Tropical International as the Franchisee of the Year 2015/16, above the rest of the franchises worldwide, the company announced recently.

To achieve this recognition, the chain showed outstanding practices in the following categories: a superior rating in excellence of operations, excellence of products, and an increase in sales and comparable transactions by restaurant vs. the previous year. In these three areas, the chain obtained first place, surpassing the other franchisees internationally, the company further explained.

“This award belongs to all the members of the Pollo Tropical family, who work every day to give their best to our customers,” said Alex Cerda, vice president of Pollo Tropical’s local operations.

“It is also a reflection of the continuous effort to serve the highest quality products to each person who visits us and make a real difference when selecting a restaurant of our category,” he said.

“This global recognition motivates us to continue working with the passion that characterizes us and shows — in the historical moment that the island is going through — that the consumer is looking for a restaurant that offers them better value, taste and quality for their money. And in Pollo Tropical we have that balance,” he said, adding that achieving outstanding marks in each of the criteria “isn’t easy.”

“But for that we work for every day…we are committed to service and quality. In addition, we are constantly implementing innovative monitoring tools in each of our restaurants, and we continually train our staff,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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