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Tropizen launches Puerto Rican cannabis hot sauce in Mass.

Tropizen, a licensed cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis products, announced it will become the first to launch Puerto Rico–based cannabis products in the U.S. mainland, starting with its cannabis-infused hot sauce, which will soon be available at dispensaries in Massachusetts.

The launch of the Tropizen Pique product is part of the company’s multi-state expansion strategy and supported by its previously announced agreement with MariMed, it confirmed.

“We’re very excited about partnering with MariMed to make this product accessible to consumers in Massachusetts,” said Tropizen co-founder Marni Meistrell.

“Tropizen Pique represents an innovative and convenient way for consumers to add cannabis to their daily lifestyle. Crafted with fresh ingredients, the formula is the result of a two-year development process exemplifies the essence of our company philosophy and approach,” she said.

MariMed Chief Product Officer Ryan Crandall said, “As part of our product expansion strategy, MariMed is committed to producing unique, delicious and safe products for consumers. Tropizen Pique hot sauce is truly unique in the rapidly evolving cannabis edibles product category.”

“We expect it will appeal to both new and experienced users looking for delicious products that are created with a culinary focus in mind. And, by using a delivery method designed for measured dosing, users can manage their consumption closely to control the desired effect,” he said.

Meistrell expects Tropizen Pique sales in Massachusetts to far outpace sales in the island, based on the overwhelming interest received from dispensaries in the state and pointing out that initial test batches from the production ramp-up process have already been sold.

Tropizen next plans to roll out its cannabis-infused Tropizen Superfruit Gummies in Massachusetts by mid-year. The fruit used for the manufacturing of the gummies will be processed in Puerto Rico to be later infused and packaged for sale in MariMed’s facilities in Massachusetts.

The fruit used for the gummies will all be sourced locally and include passion fruit, guava, pineapple, and mango, benefitting local farmers, Tropizen said.

A new production process for Tropizen Pique had to be developed to ensure that the product’s quality would not be affected through the transport process. Production changes were made to naturally preserve the product’s freshness and optimize its flavor. One of the innovations is the use of specialized 5-gallon containers to ship the hot sauce.

The next planned stop in Tropizen’s U.S. mainland expansion plan is the state of Nevada, a move slated for the summer of this year. 

“As Tropizen continues to grow locally and nationally, our support to Puerto Rico’s farmers grows as well. Fresh produce is a critical ingredient of all our edibles,” said Meistrell.

The incursion of Tropizen in the mainland is expected to propel the expansion of the company’s local manufacturing facilities in the coming months, increasing its capacity to serve both the local and United States medical cannabis markets.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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