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Uber deactivates passenger account for violating guidelines while visiting Puerto Rico

Uber has deactivated a passenger’s account for violating their community guidelines while in Puerto Rico. This comes after the passenger, who allegedly was a tourist, was denounced on social media by residents after a video of her and another passenger defecating on the side of a busy road, in broad daylight, went viral last week. 

Local police later investigated and determined that the driver of the car was an Uber driver, and that the incident occurred during a trip powered by the platform. 

In a comment for News is my Business, Uber confirmed that upon reports of the event their support team “contacted the driver to learn about the facts”. 

As a result of their investigation, “the user’s account was deactivated, due to a breach of the Terms and Conditions of use of the app, as well as community guidelines” Uber confirmed. 

“Uber’s community guidelines set the foundation for coexistence, respect, and safety in the app… At Uber, we encourage the community to file reports through the app and use the rating system for drivers and users. This helps the support team take the corresponding actions to ensure a better experience,” added the company in an official statement. 

“We believe that respect is key to achieving a five-star ride,” they finalized.  

While the driver did not face consequences from Uber, local police did fine him $1,000 for indecency and parking violations after determining that as the driver he was “responsible for controlling his passengers at the moment of the incident.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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