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Uber Eats expands beyond restaurants to groceries, other essentials

Uber Eats announced it is expanding beyond food deliveries by integrating a greater variety of businesses in its platform.

Currently, users can find in the app stores such as the virtual supermarkets Jetson and La Comprita, and even convenience stores such as 24 Market.

“As a technology company, continuous innovation is part of Uber Eats’ DNA,” said Mauro González, general manager of Uber Eats for the Andean and Caribbean region. “We strive to enable connections within the marketplace and contribute to the growth of local businesses, as well as provide users with greater ease, convenience and confidence when acquiring products with the push of a button.”

The executive added that expanding the variety of businesses in the app also represents more opportunities for partner couriers to generate extra income. The diversification responds to user demand, he said.

Also, the new shops in the app can take advantage of the commercial exposure and the platform’s technological tools to expand their business and reach more customers.

Among the goods available now through the expanded Uber Eats service are: access to stores to order food, children’s items, office supplies, pet food and toys, and beauty items, among others.  

“By connecting businesses and customers, Uber Eats helps local SMEs increase their commercial footprint, while also giving users a value-rich app experience,” said González.

Uber is currently the only app in Latin America with which you can request, within the same platform, both trips and food orders, as well as ship items.

In Puerto Rico, Uber Eats users have shown great interest in daily consumer products. In 2021, the app has had an 87% increase in purchases from supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies, company officials confirmed.

La Comprita was recently added to the app and quickly increased its sales. The local business will open its second branch in August.

“Supermarket shopping has changed, and Uber Eats has developed a solution to the decades-old challenge of addressing the ‘last mile delivery’ phenomenon,” said Andrés Fournier, co-founder of Jetson.

“Together we give the consumer the opportunity to receive their order in less than one hour at low prices. This is something that many consumers still don’t perceive, that they don’t have to pay any premium to receive their order within an hour,” he added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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