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United Retailers Association, DDEC launch youth internship program

The process to apply and be a part of the United Retailers Association’s (CUD, in Spanish) Business Internship has already begun with the support of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC).

At News is my Business, we firmly believe in serving as a platform for up-and-coming journalists. So, we’ve partnered with Sacred Heart University’s EntreMedios internship program, to mentor several first-year journalism students.

CUD President Jesús Vázquez, along with DDEC Secretary Manuel A. Laboy, invited youth to participate in the initiative open to people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are studying at an accredited university.

“The DDEC’s Youth Development Program invested $100,000 in this project, whose purpose consists of providing students the opportunity for a real and paid work experience. Participating students will be able to choose between at least three locations identified by the CUD as possible employers,” said Laboy.

“They must comply with 80 hours of work in a month, during which they will be able to get paid of up to $1,000 during that internship period,” said Laboy.

In addition to meeting the age requirements and being active college students, interested youth must complete an enrollment application, that should be submitted with an updated resume until Nov. 9th.

Once that is done, they will begin the interview process, scheduled for Nov. 10 and 12. Nevertheless, the selection notice will be sent out Nov. 13th. The internship itself takes place Nov. 16 to Dec. 15. Due to the pandemic, this may be a face-to-face experience or a series of virtual meetings, as agreed with the selected employer.

Once the students are selected, they will be exposed to an experience that will help them see themselves in a future work environment within small and medium-sized businesses, program officials said. These will also be able to practice in various industries to expand their capacities.

The CUD is committed to the education of future entrepreneurs, as well as the island’s business and commercial sectors.

Youth Development Program Director Roberto Carlos Pagán-Santiago, said: “Since 2017, many alliances have been carried out between the DDEC and the CUD to implement initiatives for young entrepreneurs with the purpose of providing them with opportunities to insert themselves in Puerto Rico’s economic development.”

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Author Details
My name is Kiara S. Visbal and I’m an 18-year-old college student. I’m currently a freshman at Sacred Heart University in Santurce, majoring in journalism. Writing is my number one passion, and I strongly believe that the world wouldn’t be the same without media coverage.

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