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United Retailers Association opens satellite office in Mayagüez

With the aim of promoting economic development in the western part of Puerto Rico, the United Retailers Association (CUD in Spanish) inaugurated its first satellite office to offer direct services to small- and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) in Mayagüez.

“With this satellite office, small and medium entrepreneurs will have direct and personalized access to business training. We will establish collaborative alliances with other merchant associations in Mayagüez,” said the president of the CUD, Jesús E. Vázquez-Rivera.

The office will be directed by entrepreneur Ramón A. Santiago and will be located in the facilities that house the Mayagüez Business Development Program.

“Since its beginning in 2007, Fomento Empresarial Municipal has managed to establish hundreds of SMEs,” the Mayor of Mayagüez José Guillermo Rodríguez said.

The CUD also gives them access to techniques and the use of educational and technology tools. The objective is to increase sales, create greater operational efficiencies, provide access to capital, and pave the way for new companies and business opportunities.

“In recent years, the Gastronomic District of the so-called Sultana del Caribe has been successful in developing dozens of micro-businesses dedicated to culinary art,” Rodríguez said.

“We thank the mayor of Mayagüez for supporting us in this effort for the good of this town and nearby towns,” said Vázquez.

“We all agree that the future of Puerto Rico’s economic revitalization depends on small and medium-sized companies, and they must be supported at all times because the future of the entire town depends on them,” he said.


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