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UPR Humacao campus students take top ‘Financial Awareness Video Contest’ wins

The Puerto Rico Bankers Association (PRBA) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) recognized the creativity and talent of college students who participated in the most recent edition of the “Financial Awareness Video Contest.”

For 10 years, said competition
has been well known for motivating college students to develop creative
audiovisual pieces about financial education.

“The Bankers Association’s
educational role is fundamental for the potential of impact that initiatives
like this one have on society,” said Executive Vice President Zoimé Álvarez-Rubio.

“Not only do these efforts
promote financial knowledge amongst our young adults, but they also represent
education alternatives for colleges,” she said.

“It is essential knowledge to
understand and be conscious of what finances entail, how to manage them, and
how responsible financial practices can be beneficial in different aspects of
life,” she added.

The main theme of the 10th
edition of the competition was entrepreneurship. Particularly, how to establish
a company, how to obtain credit for a company, how to export a product and how
to prepare a company to face a catastrophic event.

This time around, 37 videos
were submitted, in which 196 participated as competitors, actors and production

“The PRBA and its bank members
are proud of the dedication and creativity exercised by all participants in the
production of their videos. Without a doubt, all the teamwork involved to
achieve a high-quality product was reflected in each piece,” said Álvarez.

“This education-focused competition helps to engage young adults across the island, and the video topics have evolved to remain relevant to the target population. The importance of growing resilient small businesses on the island is key to future growth,” said Tony Davis, community affairs officer and director of community engagement at the New York Fed.

The video awarded with the competition’s first place, titled “The Dream Begins,” addresses the steps needed to turn the entrepreneurship dream into a reality. The piece was produced by Janiel Hernández-Aponte, Abimael E. Rosado-Castro and Gilmary Cruz-Lugo from the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus.

The second place was awarded to the piece “Export your Talent,” a video about the importance of knowing your product to adequately plan how to export it, was produced by Christian Díaz-Alejandro, Yolymarie Rivas-Betancourt and Yaritza Rivas-Martínez from the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus.

The third place, titled “Everything starts with a dream,” emphasizes on the importance of establishing a plan to achieve your dreams. The piece was produced by Zulmarian Castro-Rodríguez and Erymael López-Rivera from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico.

In addition to the
competition’s first three prizes, which were selected by a panel of judges, a
period of open public voting was carried out through the PRBA’s web page for
the selection of the People’s Choice Award prize.

The video “I reinvent myself”
produced by Lily I. Morales-Quintana, Josué J. Marrero and Luis J. Ramírez-Pérez
from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, was awarded as the public’s
favorite video.                           

The winners of the competition
received monetary prizes, and the group awarded with the first prize will be
traveling to New York City to visit the Federal Reserve Bank. The winners of
the People’s Choice Award will benefit from a coaching session in finances with
the sponsors of the competition.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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