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VisitRico names local exec to pursue sustainable agritourism, agri-education

VisitRico, a Puerto Rican nonprofit organization whose mission it is to strengthen the agricultural economy of the island, selected Adolfo Méndez-Nouel as ambassador of agritourism on the island to lead its mission of sustainable agritourism and agricultural education.

Méndez-Nouel is director of operations and creative manager of Manhattan Physio Group and co-founder of MPG Essentials

“Our goal is to achieve food sovereignty, which is essential for a healthy population. Thus, it is logical to think that among our alliances we highlight the importance of health,” said Camille Collazo, executive director of VisitRico.

“That is why we have chosen to partner with the Manhattan Physio Group and MPG Essentials, an entity that is recognized as one of the best holistic health companies in New York and operates under the values of ethics, empathy and economic sustainability, as well as its commitment to important causes. We are happy to be one of the causes they support,” she said.

In the wake of Hurricane María’s passage through Puerto Rico in September 2017, Méndez-Nouel created the “Hurricane María Relief” fund, raising more than $75,000 for the island’s recovery.

Méndez-Nouel is on the island this week participating in the launch of VisitRico’s star programs in support of the island’s agro-ecological farmers.

To motivate consumption of local crops, VisitRico has launched the “Lunes Locales Challenge” (with the hashtag #LunesLocalesChallenge,) a campaign that seeks to create the habit of consuming food harvested in Puerto Rico.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. Richard Tryon September 9, 2019

    Our coming Eco-Plantation for Santa Isabel is taking shape to eventually contain 500 Vertical Farmers each with 20 rotating towers with capacity to outproduce the adjacent soil on half of 400 cuerdas that takes 20 times as much water per plant. Our leafy greens and other aquaponic plants require only a hand crank to bring plant carriers down to you.

    We intend to help tourists visit our 1/2 mile of beach to see and learn about what can be done almost everywhere.


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