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Walmart expands in-stores supply of lettuce harvested in Puerto Rico

Walmart Puerto Rico has established a new agreement with Lettufresh to increase the purchase and export of lettuces that the company harvests.

The agreement with Lettufresh, located in the Frontón neighborhood in Ciales, increases the purchase in Walmart stores of its romaine and Salanova lettuces, in its new “Duo” packaging, which contains a pair of lettuces, one green and one red.

“We continue to promote and bet on the growth of local companies, opening doors and opportunities for them to expand their distribution in our stores in Puerto Rico and abroad,” said Viviana Mercado, senior manager of Corporate Affairs at Walmart Puerto Rico.

“We’re proud of all our initiatives that promote the growth of local businesses to contribute to the socio-economic development of the island through the creation and retention of jobs. Furthermore, by substituting imports for local crops, we reiterate our promise to our customers to offer fresh and high-quality products every day,” said Mercado.

Sigfrido Fernández, founding partner of Lettufresh, said the relationship with Walmart since 2015 has represented a great deal for the development of the company, since not only did it mean that to comply with the chain’s quality standards, they became the first hydroponic lettuce company in Puerto Rico and the fourth in the United States to receive the Harmonized Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) certifications from the USDA, but that the exposure of the brand in the stores contributed to increase the number of consumers to buy their products, which in turn led to an increase in production to meet local demand.

The increase in the purchase volume in Puerto Rico and the new agreement with Walmart stores in the United States will allow the creation of seven new jobs and will help in the creation of indirect jobs, since a large part of the materials they use to grow and market their lettuces, including compost, packaging, and labels, are purchased from local companies,” he said.

“Likewise, it will encourage the company to continue hiring other services related to the expansion and maintenance of its facilities,” he added

Lettufresh, established in 2013, has the exclusivity of Salanova lettuce on the island. Currently, it produces approximately 18,000 heads of lettuce per week locally, of which almost 20% are sold in Walmart stores and Amigo Supermarkets, and soon it will also begin to sell its Salanova lettuce variety in Walmart stores in the Miami area, in the United States.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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