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WAPA TV announces new internship program for meteorology students in Puerto Rico

WAPA Television announced the creation of a new internship program between WAPA’s NotiCentro newscast and the University of Puerto Rico’ Mayagüez Campus (known as the RUM).

The program, which establishes a Meteorology Communication Laboratory will benefit students pursing degrees in meteorology at the RUM — the only training center for future meteorology professionals in Puerto Rico — providing those interested in the science an opportunity to train with the guidance of the NotiCentro team, while strengthening RUM’s meteorology program, the station announced.

The new alliance will offer semester-long internships to RUM students, whose selection will be overseen by university professors in conjunction with WAPA TV Meteorologist Ada Monzón.

“Mentoring the next generation of professionals — and women in particular — in the fascinating fields of meteorology and science, leaves me with a profound sense of joy and is where I believe I will leave the biggest impact,” said Monzón.

“Nature is a force to be reckoned with, and the challenges it presents are becoming quite complex. We need scientists with the verbal and written communication skills to deliver accurate information to the public, allowing us to save both lives and property,” said Monzón, a former RUM student.

Monzón will have the support of Suheily López-Belén, who recently joined the newscast and is a RUM alumnus. They, and other WAPA team members will offer their expertise and support to the incoming students, reinforcing their public communication skills and working to help them effectively transmit scientific information and developments to the public, the broadcast station confirmed.

Upon the conclusion of their internship, students will receive a certificate of completion confirming their participation in the program.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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