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Wepa!Box Puerto Rico marks 4th anniversary

Wepa!Box Puerto Rico, the monthly subscription box for Puerto Rican products and services, is marking its fourth anniversary during which it has worked with more than 450 local brands that have benefited from the service, reaching more than 3,000 subscribers who live in all parts of the world, company executives said.

Over the past four years, the box — which is considered an “easy and effective tool for local brands to be able to reach the public” — has supported more than 45 local companies, offering an additional alternative with the development of personalized boxes for any corporate event, special activity, and corporate gifts, said Suzanne Ujaque, president of Puerto Rico Island Export, parent company of Wepa!Box Puerto Rico.

Wepa!Box has reached 48 United States jurisdictions, in addition to eight military bases throughout the world, and places like New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, China, Japan, Australia, England, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Every month, each box reaches close to 600,000 people. The most sought-after products are Puerto Rican hot sauces and coffee, she said.

“It’s been four years now of offering a quality service, bringing to the thousands of subscribers a piece of their yearned Puerto Rican soil,” she said. “This is why we celebrate it in style. It has been four years and we continue working to bring the best products and services to our people, in which we continue to be a bridge between brands and subscribers, opening the door to the hundreds of products that have used Wepa!Box Puerto Rico as a marketing tool,” said Ujaque.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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