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‘Women Who Lead’ book spotlights 21 Puerto Rican business leaders

The stories of 21 business leaders in Puerto Rico have been captured in a book, “Women Who Lead: Reframing Perspectives,” that will be presented on Oct. 12, with a component of economic support to an equal number of nonprofit organizations serving women of all ages.

The founder and CEO of Women Who Lead, Frances Ríos, explained that the book, which is written in English, comprises 21 chapters that raise awareness about gender gaps in the professional world and strategies shared by the co-authors as they recount their experiences in advancing their careers and businesses.

“We have all had to rethink our perspectives at some point,” said Ríos. “This is the first book that brings visibility to 21 women who are leaders in various economic sectors in Puerto Rico. It is about learning, through their testimonies, the common challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them to succeed in their professional careers and reach the top of organizations.”

Despite progress, Ríos noted that women in Puerto Rico still face significant workplace challenges.

“If there were no gender inequality in Puerto Rico, the numbers would tell a different story,” she said. “Of the top 200 local companies, 85% are led by men. When you look at their direct reporting groups, in most cases women do not make up more than 20% of leadership positions, and in many cases, they do not exist. This is despite the fact that women represent 51% of the population and make 85% of household purchasing decisions.”

Ríos pointed out that the co-authors excel in various fields, including finance, manufacturing, insurance, architecture, retail, law, maritime, construction, advertising, public relations, academia, human resources, hospitality, automotive, and nonprofit sectors.

“This book is not only for women,” Ríos said. “Any man who wants to promote female talent in their companies, organizations or even at home should read this book to understand the challenges that women still face in advancing their careers and businesses.”

Ríos further noted that to maximize the influence of the co-authors, each identified a nonprofit organization serving women and girls to recognize and financially support through fundraising.

The cause that raises the most funds will receive additional financial backing from the book’s sales, with the announcement set for the book presentation luncheon on Oct. 12.

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