Yingke Caribbean China Center opens in P.R.

yingkeYingke Law Firm, an international commercial law firm headquartered in Beijing, China, recently opened an office in Puerto Rico. The Yingke Caribbean China Center will become the first Yingke China Center in the Caribbean region.

It will promote business and investment opportunities between the Caribbean Region and China as well as the other parts of the world through the Yingke Ecosystem.

Yingke is the largest China-based law firm, and the fifth largest law firm in the world, by the number of lawyers employed. Founded in 2001, Yingke Law Firm has established itself as a leader in the Chinese legal service industry, and is currently executing its plan on a global scale.

Its main practice areas include capital markets, corporate, employment, financial services regulation, insurance, intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, restructuring, and insolvency, and taxes.

The Yingke Caribbean China Center seeks to focus its economic resources and intellectual property in facilitating and coordinating external investments into Puerto Rico.

Using the combined resources of its worldwide network, the Yingke Caribbean China Center and its affiliates will seek out mutually beneficial public/private partnerships in infrastructure, clean renewable energy, healthcare, tourism and education, as well as direct investments in Puerto Rican companies focused on economic development in construction, manufacturing, senior housing, agriculture, export of products and services, and real estate.

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  1. Can you provide a telephone number to reach them?

    • Hi! The contact person is Jeff Carmichael, Managing Partner YINGKE Caribbean 423-667-3415.

      • By chance just looking again information on Yingke I realized you had answered Michelle! Will call Mr. Carmichael tomorrow God Willing! Thank you Michelle Kantrow and, Blessings to You!

      • Luis A. De Jesus

        Iam Civil Engineer and Surveyor. My phone number 7875538771. Available to work and bring my experiences

  2. Santos R. Gonzalez

    Could you provide an office address, phone contacts or email address for the Puerto Rico office.
    Thank you

  3. Hi, I need to send via e-mail a proposal to Yingke PR Office, for the development of a residential proyect in the area of Fajardo. Can you provide a contact e-mail of the office?

    • Hi! The contact person is Jeff Carmichael, Managing Partner YINGKE Caribbean 423-667-3415. We don’t have an email address available.

  4. We are in the Energy and Housing business , looking for information , please contact 7875146244

  5. Lionel Santiago

    Why does a law firm want to invest on a 200 million cultural center? They have offices all around the world, why here? What kind of experience those a Chinese law firm have running this of business?

  6. I have spent years in energy projects / tech transfer from USA to China. Now concentrating in Caribbean with colleagues and have compelling projects / Real Estate that may be of significant interest to Yingke. Congratulations on new venture and very timely.

  7. I am very anxious to talk with Jeff Carmichael. How can this happen? Please see email address above as I have substance to add. Thanks

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