Fresh milk prices will increase Dec. 30

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Credit: Carlos Anguita
U.S. District Court Judge Carlos Domínguez on Wednesday sided with the Puerto Rico Farm Bureau granting its petition for an increase in the price of fresh milk, to compensate for their operational costs.
During a hearing, the judge ordered the Milk Industry Regulatory Office, known as ORIL, to comply with Regulation 12 that obligates the agency to put into effect an automatic price hike if costs for critical production components increase.
Earlier this week, Puerto Rico Farm Bureau Dairy Sector President Gabriel Cordero said that since August, the cost of feed — which represents half of a dairy plant’s operational expenses — had increased by 20 percent.
While farmers are seeking an increase of about 19 cents per quart, the hike will most likely hover at around a nickel per quart, industry sources said Wednesday.

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