Government, private sector sign economic development MOU

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Senate Minority leader José Dalmau and Gov. Fortuño hold up the MOU signed Tuesday. (Credit: La Fortaleza)

In what may constitute as one of the most significant unions between the public and private sector in recent years, dozens of private sector and government officials gathered Tuesday to sign a memorandum of understanding to support the Luis Fortuño administration’s efforts to push the Puerto Rico Investment Promotion Act in Washington.

During the third edition of the government’s Economic Development and Commerce Summit, the governor, said the MOU will be delivered to Washington “as proof of the unity of purpose” behind the effort, he said.

“Under PRIPA, Puerto Rico will receive a new economic boost, creating a more competitive tax environment to attract investment and promote job creation,” he said. “United, we are transforming Puerto Rico’s competitive environment to provide more and better employment opportunities to our professionals.”

“We will retain and create good jobs that exploit the talent and potential of all Puerto Ricans, forging a prosperous future for themselves and their families, and we will achieve this together, outside of party lines,” he said, flanked by dozens of executive as well as the Popular Democratic Party minority leaders in the House and Senate, Héctor Ferrer and José Dalmau, respectively.

The Economic Development and Commerce Summit was an all-day event that allowed a direct exchange between the private sector leadership, the governor and agency heads, to strengthen collaborative ties and explore new economic development strategies.

The all-day agenda included updates on manufacturing, exports, tourism, infrastructure and a town hall meeting with Fortuño, which culminated in the signing of the MOU.

During his presentation, the Governor highlighted the progress that has been made with several of the reforms and projects promoted in the past two years.


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