Puerto Rico Film Commission to fund documentaries

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From left: Alberto Bacó and Demetrio Fernández during a recent news conference.

From left: Alberto Bacó and Demetrio Fernández during a recent news conference.

The Puerto Rico Film Commission today will open the call to fund locally produced documentaries, for which it will be accepting proposals through Oct. 24, the agency announced Wednesday.

Interested parties may submit their creative proposal within that period and the end of the call, will have five additional days to submit their production plan, said Demetrio Fernández-Marzano, the Film Commission’s executive director.

An Advisory Board of experts in the documentary genre will evaluate the proposals, choosing three to move forward and will be required to participate in a narrative lab for documentaries. The selection criteria are based on the quality of the investigation, aesthetics and structure proposed, among others.

“We have implemented some changes in the annual Film Fund call to create value for local artists and, in turn, for the market,” said Fernández-Manzano, while explaining that part of the changes allow candidates to divide their proposals in two parts.

The first is the creative phase, which includes a description of the proposed documentary and a summary of the artistic proposal. The second phase contains the budget and other operational aspects of the project, which is due Oct. 31.

Instructions and applications are available at www.puertoricofilm.org.

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