Travel Channel series features Vieques attractions

The Hix Island House hotel is nestled atop a lush 13-acre hill in Vieques.

Puerto Rico will be prominently featured in tonight’s episode of a new Travel Channel series, “Park Secrets,” that will showcase private islands around the world, the Tourism Company said.

The episode that airs at 8:30 p.m. will focus on Vieques and several of its local favorites and previously-kept secrets, including the Hix Island House Hotel, an off-the-grid property nestled atop a lush 13-acre property, and “El Quenepo,” a restaurant known almost as much for its relaxing ambience as its authentic cuisine.

Viewers will also virtually visit the incredible 19th century sugar plantation at Central Playa Grande.

“This is just the first of multiple segments highlighting the island,” Tourism Company Executive Director Luis G. Rivera-Marín said. “This is an exciting time for tourism in Puerto Rico, as programs like ‘Park Secrets’ showcase just how Puerto Rico does it better.”

The Travel Channel also filmed the Porta del Sol area in western Puerto Rico, which offers a multitude of options for any budget, as well as secluded beaches, rustic guesthouses, luxurious small hotels, and myriad restaurants.

“The best part is that anyone can visit these amazing spots, and a great place to start is our website,” he said.

“Park Secrets,” which emphasizes the hidden gems and secret hideaways in well-known tourist locations, chose to extend filming in Puerto Rico because the island offered so many ‘amazing yet unknown attractions,” the agency said.

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