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Gov’t to orient construction co.’s on process to get H-2B Visas for foreign workers

Given the need for labor to cover the reconstruction projects that the government and private sector have in the pipeline the Puerto Rico Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH) and the State Department will hold a forum for construction industry employers to learn about the H-2B Visa.

This work permit granted by the federal government allows employers or employment agents, who meet the established requirements, to bring foreigners to the United States and its territories to be temporarily hired for non-agricultural work.

The event will take place Dec. 7 at 9 a.m. at the Convention Center and will have experts who will guide attendees on how to apply for this visa and the steps to follow.

“The historic and consistent drop in the unemployment rate, the increase in the labor participation rate, and the increase in the number of people employed are part of the results of an interagency effort,” said Labor Secretary Gabriel Maldonado-González.

“However, Puerto Rico’s reconstruction and the billions of dollars in federal funds earmarked for it depend, to a large extent, on having enough labor to be able to carry out the different construction works that benefit the 78 municipalities,” he said.

“For this, it’s necessary to insert more Puerto Ricans into the labor force, but we must also explore the alternatives available to import foreign workers that help us meet that need,” Maldonado-González said.

“So, we’ll take on the task of guiding employers in the construction sector on the processes leading to obtaining H-2B Visas and complying with all applicable laws and regulations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico Secretary of State Omar Marrero said the event “has the specific goal of providing additional tools to local employers so that they get the necessary labor for the execution of the hundreds of projects approved for the island’s reconstruction.”

“We invite all employers interested in participating in the event to register to receive training on how to apply for and obtain work visas for foreign citizens,” he said.

The event is free, but requires registering online.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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