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$350K Marocha restaurant brings its ‘free spirit’ local cuisine to Miramar

At an investment of $350,000, Chef Owner Eileen Sánchez unveiled her new culinary offering in Miramar, called Marocha.

The opening of the eatery was scheduled for March 2020, when the pandemic challenged her plans, but not her entrepreneurial spirit.

“Without a doubt, the pandemic has been a blow to us and to the restaurant industry in general. However, the pause caused by COVID in our opening plans gave us the opportunity to revisit our space and adapt to this new reality,” Sánchez said.

“Today we’re ready to receive diners in a safe space that has 10 tables, all at a distance, and an outdoor area that accommodates up to 16 people comfortably,” she said.

Marocha, which refers to an individual and free-spirited girl, features a menu of typical Puerto Rican cuisine that incorporates creative elements.

“The name of our restaurant comes from the menu we offer. One in which we don’t follow the rules, we get carried away by the madness of trying different things and we present a unique product as a result,” Sánchez said.

The restaurant is open to the public by reservation, to guarantee the safety and health of diners and employees, she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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