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Aireko Foundation grants $25K to Justicia Energética

The Aireko Foundation has announced a $25,000 grant to Justicia Energética para Puerto Rico (JEPR) to support its mission of fostering an energy transformation involving widespread citizen participation.

“This grant is part of the Aireko Foundation’s commitment to backing initiatives that promote an energy system widely accessible to citizens that leads to sustainable economic development,” stated Tito Toro, president of Aireko Energy Group (AEG) and a partner of the Aireko Group.

“This grant, which is the largest we have received since Justicia Energética’s founding, serves to strengthen our organizational structure, our strategic planning and our operations as a nonprofit startup. Thanks to this support, JEPR has the tools to continue educating consumers so they may participate in the processes that will shape Puerto Rico’s energy sector,” said Waleska Rivera, president of Justicia Energética.

The Institute for Competitive and Economic Sustainability (ICSE, in Spanish), which has a collaborative agreement with Justicia Energética for organizational development, served as liaison to facilitate the donation.

Founded as a nonprofit in 2021, Justicia Energética’s vision and leading focus, according to Rivera, is “promoting the collaboration between the public and private sectors in implementing the values and mandates of Act 17-2019, which establishes energy public policy.”   

“JEPR aims to benefit all Puerto Ricans by developing an independent and professional regulatory framework capable of creating a sustainable, affordable and renewable energy system,” the entity stated.

Toro emphasized that Puerto Rico’s biggest challenge is the absence of a reliable, resilient and competitive energy system, affecting the economy, environment, families and businesses.

“This is why the foundation supports Justicia Energética’s efforts to facilitate the implementation of Act 17-2019,” he added.

Aireko also supports Act 17’s implementation by offering its clients innovative services based on renewable energy.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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