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American Airlines raises checked bag fees for domestic flights

American Airlines will raise checked baggage fees for travel between U.S. states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands for the first time since 2018. The new fees will apply to the first and second checked bags for travel booked on or after Feb. 20.

The new domestic flight fees, including for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the USVI are $35 for first checked bags purchased online or $40 purchased at the airport. The fee for the second checked bag is $45. whether purchased online or at the airport. For Canada and short-haul international flights, the fees are $35 for first checked bags and $45 for second checked bags, regardless of the purchase location.

The pet-in-cabin fee will be $150 for tickets bought on or after Feb. 20, the airline announced. 

Certain AAdvantage members and credit cardmembers will continue to enjoy benefits, such as complimentary bags for all AAdvantage members, and the first eligible checked bag free on domestic itineraries for most AAdvantage credit cardmembers.

Premium cabin customers on domestic and international flights will continue to receive complimentary bags. Active-duty U.S. military personnel also get complimentary bags on all American flights.

Customers will earn miles and Loyalty Points when booking directly with American and eligible partner airlines, as AAdvantage Business members or contracted corporate travelers, or through preferred travel agencies, with a list of eligible agencies available on its website in late April.

“We want to make it more convenient for customers to enjoy the value and magic of travel,” said Vasu Raja, American’s chief commercial officer. “Not only does booking directly with American provide the best possible experience, it’s also where we offer the best fares and it’s most rewarding for our AAdvantage members.”

Additionally, American Airlines is reducing prices on oversized and heavy luggage. Starting April 17, fees for luggage weighing +50 to 70 pounds will change, with $30 for luggage weighing +50 to 53 pounds, while those weighing +53 to 70 pounds will be between $100 to $200. 

Luggage weighing 70 to 100 pounds will continue to cost between $200 to $450. Oversize and overweight items between +50 and 70 pounds, currently costing $250 to $400, will be reduced to a single fee of $30 to $200. Items both oversize and overweight +70 to 100 pounds, currently $350 to $650, will also see reduced fees to a single charge ranging from $200 to $450 starting April 17.

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