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Black Briar Advisors opens real estate office in Puerto Rico

Real estate investment company Black Briar Advisors has announced the opening of its new offices in Puerto Rico to continue the firm’s specialization in the acquisition, repositioning and asset management of distressed hotel and resort assets.

Founded by Stephen Nalley, an investor and author of the best-selling book “The Ultimate Guide to Managing Distressed Hotel Assets,” Black Briar Advisors and its principals boast a two-decade track record in reviving distressed hotel and resort assets.

“Expanding our operations into Puerto Rico represents a key milestone for Black Briar Advisors,” Nalley said. “With a thriving tourism industry and unique investment opportunities, Puerto Rico offers an exciting landscape for us to leverage our successful business model. We look forward to bringing our proven expertise in repositioning distressed hotel assets to this vibrant market.”

At the helm of Black Briar Puerto Rico will be Maritza Vicente, a veteran in the industry and the Puerto Rican market. Her “vast local knowledge and seasoned expertise” are expected to benefit the company’s efforts in identifying, acquiring and repositioning distressed assets throughout the island.

“I am thrilled to be leading Black Briar Puerto Rico,” Vicente said. “Our expansion into this market provides us with the opportunity to reenergize the hospitality industry, stimulate economic growth and contribute to the local community. We are committed to deploying our proven strategies in asset management to optimize returns for our investors and stakeholders, while also driving a positive and sustainable impact on the Puerto Rican hotel industry.”

The establishment of Black Briar Puerto Rico showcases the company’s continued growth and strategic expansion. The Black Briar team said it “is excited to bring its established, proven strategies to this dynamic and robust market.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. Quique Coca March 18, 2024

    Looking Forward to share efforts and ideas, and at the same time understand your management techniques, while get in tune with your economic strategy, to make success a daily routine toward Efficiency and Quality, while contributing to establish a solid base and create new opportunities in a demanding market, gaining a share in the industry, as Black Briar Advisors Partner…

  2. Richard M Logazino March 19, 2024

    Did any of your staff do any research on Steven Nalley.. He is a complete fraud. His education is done online. Claims to have a DBA from a school that never had the authority to confer a DBA. A DBA takes 8 years to accomplish. He claimed to have finished his DBA simultaneously with getting his MBA. He claims to have finished first in his law class at Washington University at St. Louis. He claims to have a Masters of Legal Studies degree. The university confirmed that it only a class for business people that want to be familiar with legal terms. There is no degree conferred. There are no class standings and no grades are given.
    He also claims that he was a commando in the US Army 10th Mountain Division. That unit has no commandos. He belonged to the Special Troops Division. That unit is comprised of senior level officers and their staff.
    He came to Puerto Rico with Clifton Onolfo and Jesse Star. Read up on those two. Very interesting characters.

    1. Stephen Nalley March 22, 2024

      I find it fascinating how people troll online and spew non-sense for the sake of tearing other people down. I ordinarily would not address such comments, but I feel compelled to do so on this occasion. First let’s begin with military service. The term commando is not a term for an individual. It is a term for a unit. Such as the 10th Mountain Division Commando’s. Please see below:


      I have include and excerpt from the United States Army’s Website


      At the height of the Cold War, the U.S. Army recognized the need for highly trained light infantry able to respond rapidly to contingencies worldwide. It re-established the 7th Infantry and 10th Mountain Divisions as light infantry divisions to accomplish this task and established the 2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division “Commandos” on Oct. 7, 1985, at Fort Benning, Georgia, as part of this effort. Soldiers of 2nd Brigade trained at Fort Benning for three years before relocating to Fort Drum, New York, in January 1989. Since its arrival at Fort Drum, 2nd Brigade earned the title of most-deployed brigade in the Army by deploying forces to nearly every major contingency, from disaster relief in the United States to combat operations around the globe. This is straight from the United States Army’s websites.

      In 1990 the 2nd Brigade Combat Team was referred to as the Special Troops Brigade, which is when I served. I served with the 2nd Brigade 3/14inf in the scout platoon.

      In regards to the Washington University School of Law. He is part correct in the fact that I earned a Masters Degree in Legal Studies. However, I have no idea what he is referring to when he states that they do not give you a degree? Please see below:



      You will notice in red it states Degree Requirements. This post will not allow me to provide screen shots or I could provide you with a transcript or a diploma. Richards allegations on this point are just as ridiculous and unfounded as the above regarding the 10th Mountain Division. Also note that the Washington University School of Law is ranked in the top 20 of all law schools in the United States by US News. I do not think that Richard can challenge their credibility. However, he might try.

      Last but not least. I completed my My MBA and DBA online at the University of Atlanta. Online degree’s were fairly new at that time. They were not accredited by regional accreditation. At that time they were accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or (CHEA). I would never debate or try to imply that the CHEA Accreditation is equivalent to a Regional Accreditation. However, at the time that I decided to pursue these academic degree’s I was working 70 hours per week building my career and online was my best option. However, ironically Harvard, Yale, Princeton and every major university in the United States are now offering online MBA & Doctoral Degrees. Now, I do not believe that a doctorate from the University of Atlanta (Online School) is equivalent to a Doctorate from any of the previous schools that I mentioned, but its accredited and I have it and I am proud of it. Once again I ask where did Richard get his degree? I find it amazing how Richard just jumps online in the middle of the night and attacks people without even knowing them.

      The truth of the matter is that Richard and I are in the same building and not once has he ever approached me or had a conversation with me. Instead he chose to be a keyboard warrior not thinking that I would ever even know that he posted the above. Also, I am not sure what he is talking about stating that I got my MBA & DBA simultaneously. I finished my DBA 2 years after my MBA. Also, his statements about a DBA taking 8 years? I dont know where he got that from. Most online DBA’s are self paced and take about 3 years if you are going part-time. However, if you accelerate it and take 4 classes per semester you can finish it in about 2 years, which I did. A DBA is a Doctorate in Business Administration. It is not a PHD. Therefore a dissertation in most cases is not necessary.

      I hope this satisfies Richard’s curiosity and obsession with me and in good faith he retracts his statements. I will not hold my Breathe, but I can always hope.

      Richard should have spent a few minutes researching the definition of defamation, slander and libel. Surely he knew that when he took to the public airways to put these untrue and slanderous comments in writing that he opened himself up to a slam dunk defamation suit.

      Don’t worry Richard. I am going to get you up to speed on that in the next few days as well.

      1. Luisanel April 16, 2024

        I hope you follow through and sue him, people who do this don’t stop unless they are stopped.
        Wonder if he liked the taste of “Crow”

  3. Richard Logazino March 27, 2024

    On March19, 2024, I published a comment to the article entitled “Black Briar Advisors opens real estate office in Puerto Rico” in the News Is My Business (NIMBe) online business publication. The statements I published concerning Mr. Stephen Nalley, the Founder and CEO of Black Briar Advisors disparaging his educational, military and professional credentials were motivated by vengeance and the continued efforts to discredit Mr. Nalley in ongoing litigation and are not accurate. I regret having published these statements and retract them in full.

  4. too many idiots April 16, 2024



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