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Blockchain Trade Association offers tax incentive workshops

Free workshops will be held Friday by the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association (PRBTA) “to maximize the local adoption of Act 60” tax incentives by helping entrepreneurs “identify the best incentives for their business and learn about eligibility requirements, benefits and required documents,” the organization said.

The trade association, which represents the interests of members on and off the island, will be offering three consecutive workshops aimed at “community leaders, founders and investors” at Foundation for Puerto Rico on the details of the Act 60 incentives code and its 73 tax breaks. 

“These workshops are part of our educational efforts to strengthen Puerto Rico’s business community,” said Keiko Yoshino, the association’s executive director. “For all those entrepreneurs, business owners or professionals who are looking to create new businesses and are not sure where to begin, these workshops are the ideal starting point to maximize the profitability of their companies and stimulate the economic development of the island.”

The variety of topics to be covered fall under the following workshop themes: “Venture Capital and Exports”; “Visitor’s Economy, Manufacturing and Green Energy”; and “Farmers, creative industries, cinema and young entrepreneurs.”

The workshops will feature a group of experts led by Gustavo Díaz Skoff, founder of the BĀSED magazine and digital platform, which a news release described as focusing on “business communities through stories and economic data collection.” Díaz Skoff has also “led co-housing spaces, nonprofit organizations and intelligence efforts, as well as research on the impact of tax incentives in Puerto Rico,” according to the trade group.

The workshops will delve into every aspect of Act 60, including the more than 100 sectors sought to be bolstered by the tax incentives, “including benefits for individual investors, hard-to-recruit professionals, doctors, researchers and scientists, exports, boutique hotels, housing development, software development, sustainable development, tourism activities, water sports, agrohotels, aquaponics, video game development, research and development, green energy, agriculture, filmmaking, and more,” the release reads.

“There is still a misperception that the tax benefits of Act 60 are only for people who do not live on the island. The reality is very different and the Law 60’s incentives code is a complete one that offers benefits for all types of entrepreneurs and investors. That’s why, as part of our initiatives, we’ve set out to maximize its adoption among the local business community,” Yoshino added.

To register for the workshops, visit Eventbrite.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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