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Center Lane Capital donates $290K to Direct Relief in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico-based Center Lane Capital announced a $290,000 donation to Direct Relief in Puerto Rico, consisting of more than 50,000 packets of sanitizing wipes for nonprofit organizations, primary healthcare centers and hospitals on the island “to keep patients sanitized and safe,” Center Lane CEO Brian Morrison confirmed.

Morrison is also the founder and part owner of Terraboost, a company specializing in providing sanitizing and advertising solutions to large retail chains. The company has paid it forward with more than $5 million worth of in-kind donations to nonprofits such as Feed the Children, Midwest Food Bank, Greater Chicago Food Repository, and Meals on Wheels over the past 18 months.

“I’m so happy to have made the decision to move to this remarkable island filled with warm and loving souls a couple years ago. As a resident in the Ponce area of Puerto Rico, I understand I have a responsibility to contribute to making Puerto Rico a happier and more equitable place with better access to healthcare specifically for medically fragile patients who need better access to health all the time, not just during COVID,” Morrison said.

“Direct Relief focus on mobile medical units and shoring up the gaps in healthcare made the organization an obvious choice,” he added.

“Direct Relief thanks Center Lane Capital and its CEO Brian Morrison for this generous donation of essential material proven to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Numerous health centers, hospitals and nonprofit organizations will now have access to these articles which are critical during the pandemic” said Ivonne Rodríguez-Wiewall, executive advisor for Direct Relief in Puerto Rico.

The entities benefited from the donation are:

  • Neomed Center
  • Centro de Salud de Lares
  • Salud Integral de la Montaña
  • Centro de Salud Familiar Dr. Julio Palmieri Ferri
  • Migrant Health Center
  • Costa Salud Community Health Center
  • Concilio de Salud Integral de Loíza
  • Community Health Foundation
  • Prymed Medical Care
  • CMS Hatillo
  • Corporación SANOS
  • Centro de Servicios Primarios de Salud de Patillas
  • Camuy Health Services
  • Centro de Servicios de Salud de Florida
  • Med Centro
  • Ponce School Medicine Foundation
  • Hospital Comunitario Buen Samaritano
  • ASEM
  • Iniciativa Comunitaria

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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