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Challenge Fitness opens new Santurce location

Challenge Fitness announced the opening of its new boutique gym in the Santurce area after an investment of more than $80,000, incorporating strict health measures for the protection of its customers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new gym has more than 2,000 square feet of space and is segregated into two areas — one dedicated to traditional weight training and the other focused on performance training.

In the coming months Michael Cheverez, certified personal trainer and Challenge Fitness owner plans to continue adding new exercise machines, as well as a juice bar to meet the needs of its customers.

“We are proud to inaugurate a new training space offering a private, personalized and secure environment,” said Cheverez.

Challenge Fitness’s approach is focused on customizing training programs. Unlike other gyms or training centers, the client is provided with a combination of physical activity modalities comprising both functional training and the development of strength and hypertrophy, Cheverez said.

In that regard, the gym facilities are enabled with diverse equipment ranging from functional equipment to free weights and exercise machines.

The company seeks to maximize the use of technology to assist its customers in attaining their personal health goals. Through the Challenge Fitness website, customers can select from face-to-face, remote exercise training programs or a combination of both. Face-to-face training sessions are coordinated by appointment only and can be scheduled digitally.

Trainers develop 90-day physical transformation programs for clients, tailored to their preferences and time available, to help them attain weight loss, muscle mass gain or with injury management.

“Our custom programs provide custom exercise routines and instructional videos on how to perform prescribed exercises in the correct way,” Cheverez said.

Prior to setting up the company, Cheverez was a high-performance athlete until an injury prompted him to reevaluate personal and professional priorities. Inspired by personal experience, the brand symbolizes the personal challenge that customers face both in improving their physical condition.

“Variety is key to avoiding monotony and maximizing the positive effects of physical activity. As our lifestyle has become more sedentary during the pandemic, it is vitally important to stay active for the benefit of our mental physical health,” Cheverez said.

The company founder projects the creation of four new jobs during 2021, adding more trainers to meet the growth of its clientele.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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