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Coopharma adopts software to boost patient services

PrescribeWellness partners with Coopharma to help Puerto Rico pharmacists increase medication adherence and patient loyalty.

PrescribeWellness, the cloud-based services company that seeks collaboration for better health, announced a partnership with the Puerto Rican cooperative of community pharmacies, Coopharma, which will be using its software solution to increase medication adherence, patient loyalty and health.

Coopharma makes up 65 percent of the affiliated community pharmacies in Puerto Rico — serving millions of Puerto Rican patients.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Coopharma, the leading and most innovative buying group in Puerto Rico,” said Mike Mendoza, who leads PrescribeWellness’ efforts in Puerto Rico.

“Their passion and dedication to their pharmacies and the patients that they serve differentiate them from other buying groups in Puerto Rico. We are honored to work alongside their team,” he said.

The partnership includes PrescribeWellness’ PharmacyGrowth and StarWellness solutions. PharmacyGrowth empowers the pharmacist to send timely and relevant patient communications in the voice of authority — that is, in the pharmacist’s own voice.

This enables the pharmacy to sustain patient relationships and enhance adherence via electronic calendaring and reminder features, as well as data-triggered outbound text messages and voicemails that help build pharmacist-patient relationships that support lasting behavior change, the solution provider said.

“This partnership benefits our member pharmacies and all of their patients,” said Heriberto Ortíz-Martínez, executive director of Coopharma. “The cost of medication is higher every day, so it is important for patients to be getting the most out of their prescriptions.”

“PrescribeWellness’ software solution will enable our community pharmacies to improve medication adherence, which will dramatically increase the overall health and well-being of the patients they serve,” Ortíz-Martínez said.

StarWellness is a tool that helps pharmacies identify, recruit and enroll patients in a medication synchronization program. This allows the pharmacist to address patient adherence by syncing all of the patient’s prescriptions on a single, convenient pick-up day each month, known as Med Sync.

Through StarWellness, a pharmacist can optimize and streamline their workflow, which creates the opportunity for pharmacists to provide the patient with monthly check-ins.

During these monthly check-ins, pharmacists can plan for and provide a range of non-dispensing services, such as medication therapy management or patient counseling on proper medication usage or mitigating side effects.

This patient-centric approach not only increases patient loyalty and satisfaction but their health as well, PrescribeWellness executives said.

“Medication adherence is a huge part of preventive healthcare,” said Al Babbington, CEO of PrescribeWellness. “Our PharmacyGrowth and StarWellness solutions are already affecting positive change in the contiguous United States, and we expect the effect will be equally dramatic in Puerto Rico.”

“We’re proud to be helping community pharmacies in Puerto Rico provide the best patient care possible while optimizing their business operations,” he said.

StarWellness Med Sync enables pharmacies to take control of operational workflow, increase “first fill” rates that ensure patients stay on their prescriptions, and address patient medication issues. Medication adherence results driven by StarWellness include:

  • Patients average 11 of 12 prescription refills, versus 7.4 out of 12 without Med Sync;
  • Patients are 2.5 times more likely to adhere to medications with Med Sync; and,
  • 98 percent of Med Sync program patients are adherent.

Likewise, internal data from PrescribeWellness shows that pharmacies using PharmacyGrowth see measurable results, including:

  • Annual prescription volume seven times the national average for community pharmacies;
  • Online customer review ratings averaging 15 percent higher;
  • Higher network star ratings — pharmacies using PharmacyGrowth average 4.4; and,
  • 7 percent more growth than pharmacies not using PharmacyGrowth.
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Author Details
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