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FEMA assigns $14M+ to 83 recovery projects across Puerto Rico

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Central Office for Puerto Rico Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience, or COR3, confirmed the allocation of $14 million in additional funds for 83 projects related to the recovery and reconstruction of Puerto Rico due to Hurricane María.

Among the most recent obligations is more than $691,000 for the municipality of San Lorenzo to repair the Piedra Dura Water Park that opened in May 2016

The complex employs about 34 people under the Municipal Enterprise Project to provide services to some 40,000 town residents. The park has several attractions such as swimming pools with water jets, zip line, a 24-foot stone used for climbing, water jets for small children, and pavilions (gazebos), among other recreational areas.

“The Piedra Dura Water Park in San Lorenzo is a very special place for families. They can safely enjoy a beautiful space with excellent fun amenities for children and seniors, who are the ones that have suffered the most from anxiety during this pandemic and social distancing,” said San Lorenzo’s Acting Mayor Lynette Feliciano.

On the other hand, nearly $291,000 were approved for repairs to the Las Vegas Urbanization’s basketball court in the municipality of Florida. More than 500 town families will benefit from this permanent construction project located on Yori Street, the government agencies said.

“This basketball court is the only recreational facility at the development and surrounding areas, so once rebuilt, residents will be able to enjoy it again,” said Florida Mayor José Gerena-Polanco.

Meanwhile, the municipality of Moca has been assigned more than $38,000 to repave and repair the bridge of PR-423 Severiano González Road, that provides access to adjacent properties and connects with other roads.    

Moca Mayor José Avilés-Santiago said that the FEMA funds “have helped the municipality in an extraordinary way, since they offer the opportunity to address situations that otherwise could not be remedied.”

He added that the funds help prevent the municipality’s economy from being further affected.

Part of these funds will be used as mitigation measures to prevent possible future damage. With approximately $5,000 for mitigation measures, Moca will build a concrete slab at the bridge access points to provide additional resistance to the road in cases where flooding overflows the bridge and passes over the road causing skidding.

These grants were approved during the week of July 17-23.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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