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Hallo Helper unveils new social feed for on-demand work

Hallo Helper, a technology startup based in Puerto Rico, announced the launch of a social feed for local work using smart technology to make working on-demand more accessible locally.

Called JobsFeed, the new feature from Hallo Helper is “set to bring forth a new dawn of more secure, faster, and simpler on-demand work for the workforce in San Juan,” the company stated.

The platform captures real jobs as customers request them and enables workers to offer their services with a single tap.

The startup, which launched its platform in January 2021 has been building new technologies for its platform’s users over the last few months.

“Our biggest advantage has always been our technology,” said Jan Reese Rondina, CEO of Hallo Helper.

“There are a few big reveals coming up for the rest of the year and those will be game-changers as well,” Rondina added. “For a techy like me though, new tech stuff is the most exciting.”

The reveal of JobsFeed comes in time for the startup to report its 2022 earnings, which Hallo executives said showed more growth in key metrics than 2021.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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