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Integro Foundation closes 1st phase of its Impacto Showcase initiative

Impacto Showcase will resume its activities on the first Wednesday of each month, from August to October.

Following several months of developing the first phase of the Impacto Showcase initiative, the Integro Foundation announced the results of the series of events designed to give visibility to Puerto Rico-based nonprofits.

The Impacto Showcase project allows organizations to share their stories, achievements and needs, facilitating connections with people and entities interested in offering support through donations or volunteer work, organizers said.

In March, the Alas a la Mujer Foundation and the Women’s Foundation in Puerto Rico ran their own initiatives during the International Women’s Day event. These organizations shared their experiences and addressed the struggles women face in society, including attacks on gender ideologies, censorship, and the ongoing battle for safety and equal value.

Both foundations emphasized the importance of making significant changes to adequately value women who are heads of households.

In April, the focus was on education in Puerto Rico. Organizations such as Caras Con Causa, Lectores para el Futuro and Escuela Montessori San Cristóbal provided insights into the educational challenges on the island.

“They discussed the importance of having adequate tutoring programs, the need for teachers to have effective tools in the classroom, and the relevance of identifying and treating children’s educational difficulties in a timely manner to improve their school performance,” said Alejandro Silva-Díaz, executive director of the Integro Foundation.

“The Impacto Showcases are not just events; the project is a platform to connect local organizations with those support networks that would be difficult to reach otherwise. Each story shared here is a call to action to strengthen the social fabric from Puerto Rico,” he said.

In May, the Bucarabón Foundation, OverComing Adversities (OCA) and the Asociación Mayagüezana de Personas con Impedimentos Inc. (AMPI) joined Impacto Showcase, sharing how they emerged to address specific needs within the community, from transforming an abandoned space into a center of agricultural production and community services, to providing housing and care for youth without post-foster care services and people with disabilities who lack family support.

“The passion and commitment of the staff of these organizations are key to the success of their mission, providing support, alternatives and help to all their beneficiaries,” Silva-Díaz said.

Impacto Showcase will resume its activities on the first Wednesday of each month, from August to October. This initiative, overseen by the Integro Foundation, remains committed to its mission of making local organizations visible to potential collaborators and donors, nonprofit officials said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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