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Maximo Solar invests $1.5M in Humacao manufacturing unit

Maximo Solar Industries will invest $1.5 million in equipment and infrastructure for the assembly of battery cabinets and solar panels structures at its Humacao manufacturing operation, company CEO Máximo Torres confirmed.

The products allow to continue supplying the demand for solar energy systems for commercial and residential projects on the island, he said.

The project contributes to Humacao’s economic development, a town that was severely affected by Hurricane María, by creating up to 12 new direct jobs and generating activity in adjacent shops.

“We remain committed to contributing to Puerto Rico’s sustainable development, not only in the sale, distribution and installation of products but also in the manufacture of products that enable job creation and creativity in the effective use of our resources for the development of exportable products,”said Torres.

Following Hurricane María’s passage through the island there has been an increase in demand for solar power systems, both from businesses and residences.

Maximo Solar has been able to respond quickly and effectively to that surge, due to increased resources, the recent introduction of a new communications network, investments such as the one announced in Humacao, and strategic alliances such as the one recently announced with Sunrun.

Moreover, as anticipated, the company will soon open stores in Humacao and Ponce, which will join the ones in Aguadilla, San Juan, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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