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Kimberly-Clark’s Puerto Rico employees to continue working remotely

While the island has entered the second phase of reopening stores and has launched a staggered return to work, Kimberly-Clark announced it will keep its sales and administrative staff in Puerto Rico working from home.

The company explained that since the start of the global crisis generated by COVID-19, it decided to have all of its administrative and sales staff work remotely from their homes, in addition to implementing a series of initiatives in its offices, manufacturing plants and distribution centers; to comply with the guidelines of the government and health authorities at global and local level, executives said.

“We’ve acted quickly to delay the ongoing spread of the virus, as the health and safety of our consumers, collaborators, partners and communities is our number one priority,” said Ailsa Valledor, general manager of Kimberly-Clark Puerto Rico & Caribe.

“At the same time, we ensure that the continuity of the operation is not affected. We’re committed to providing well-being to people and providing essential hygiene products so that their quality of life is not affected,” she said.

The company has more than 2,000 employees throughout its plants and distribution centers in Puerto Rico, of which a part was sent home because they were within the high-risk population.

Cleaning and security measures were reinforced in Kimberly-Clark’s plants and distribution centers through social distancing in cafeterias and trucks. Special gloves and mask equipment were provided to the staff and shift rotations and temperature scans were performed at the entry points. Similarly, handwashing and the use of antibacterial gel have been reinforced.

Kimberly-Clark recently donated 800 boxes of products, including diapers and wet wipes, to the Food Bank of Puerto Rico.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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