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Labor Dept. calls for participation in 1st ‘Working Woman Study’

The Puerto Rico Labor Department is urging women who are employed, employers, self-employed and human resources professionals in the public and private sectors to participate in the first “Puerto Rico Working Woman Study.”

The online survey is available through Sept. 28, 2022 and was developed in collaboration with the Women Who Lead entity, which promotes female empowerment. The results of the study will be released in November 2022.

Although in Puerto Rico the statistics reflect that women represent more than 50% of the population and even graduate more from college when compared to men, there are no updated data that allow an X-ray of their employment situation on the island, Labor Secretary Gabriel Maldonado-González said, during a news conference flanked by Caridad ‘Cary’ Pierluisi, director of the Governor’s Office and Women Who Lead Founder Frances Ríos.

“At the Labor Department we have the task and commitment to seek equal opportunities in the labor market. For this, it’s necessary to carry out studies that allow the formulation of public policy regarding the diversity and inclusion of all sectors of our population, including the female population, based on reliable and updated data,” Maldonado-González said.

“This study will help us attract, retain, develop, and promote female talent in the Puerto Rican labor market, from a social, cultural, and economic perspective that reflects the current job scenario,” he said. “In addition, it will help promote equal pay and optimal work environments.”

The free survey may be accessed on a digital mobile device or a computer and is available in English and Spanish.

“The study will allow us to pave the way for future generations by creating more and better workspaces and options that promote equity, diversity and inclusion,” Pierluisi said.

“We’re working toward labor justice that’s for the benefit of all of Puerto Rico, because when half of our population feels valued and is treated equally, it means better income, more participation, more heads of families who can provide and progress. This study is good for everyone, because when the Puerto Rican family progresses, Puerto Rico progresses,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ríos urged all workers, employers, and human resources professionals to participate in this study and spread the word, “since the present and future of women in the workforce depend on it.”

“As part of our 15th anniversary, we wanted to perpetuate a legacy for future generations in Puerto Rico through this study that covers all aspects of working women, contributing to their quality of life, and promoting a promising future for girls and young women who very soon they will be leaders,” she said.

“This ambitious study, which we’re doing at no cost to the government of Puerto Rico and without expecting anything in return, will allow the executive branch to create public policy that supports working women and the private sector to increase their competitiveness to attract, retain and promote the best female talent,” Ríos said.

The goal of the government and Women Who Lead is to get the highest number of people to fill out the survey to grab a representative sample of the island’s labor market.

The data collected will help the government, the legislature, and private companies to create and promote programs, as well as public policy that protects and contributes to the maximum development of working women, the speakers said.

Among the topics addressed in the interview with the participant are work environment, commitment, salary, development, growth, social responsibility, and finances.

The agreement between the Labor Department and Women Who Lead is valid through June 30, 2023. As part of the effort, participants can also benefit from business and professional development programs, as well as join support networks of other women and professionals.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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