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Liberty Puerto Rico adds NBA TV to its video lineup

240px-NBA_TV.svgOver the weekend, Liberty Puerto Rico began offering the highly requested NBA TV sports channel to all of its Ultimate Plus and Ultimate Sports tier customers. Customers can tune into channel 180 in the Ultimate Plus tier and channel 280 in its High Definition lineup (HD) to access the channel’s lineup.

NBA TV brings basketball fans all of the court action they want to see, in addition to news, stories on the players, the teams and specials on the players’ lifestyles. Customers will also be able to enjoy live games, classic matches, plus information about their favorite players and their performance during the season.

“NBA TV is one of the most highly requested channels by our customers and we are very happy to offer it to them,” said Gabriel Palerm, sales, marketing and media vice president at Liberty. “Basketball has a strong fan base on the island and by adding this channel, we are providing content and entertainment that is relevant for our audience.”

Palerm explained that the company placed NBA TV in its Ultimate Plus and Ultimate Sports video tiers because this channel has very specific sports programming that is aimed at a particular niche and tends to be expensive. This also keeps the company from having to increase rates for our Basic (Ultimate) tier. The Ultimate Plus and Ultimate Sports tiers appeal to a specific audience, he said.

The Ultimate Plus tier carries 38 channels, including FX Movies, IFC, Sundance, OWN, Hub Network and NBC Sports, just to name a few. Liberty also offers the Ultimate Sports tier, with nine channels that air sports 24 hours a day. In addition to NBA TV, this package offers ESPN News, ESPN U, NBC Sports, Fox Deportes, Tennis Channel, FOX Sports Atlantic, FOX Sports Central and FOX Sports Pacific.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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