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Local stylist opens community entrepreneurial hub in Santurce

Puerto Rican Stylist and Businesswoman Laura Teresa Feliciano, known to many as Laura Om, has opened a multi-use space, called Angelina, to boost community entrepreneurial activity in Santurce after investing almost $1 million.

The two-story building already houses five businesses: OM Studio and Rizo Adentro beauty salons, the Tereques local brand store, the Cafelera coffee shop, the Vía Láctea ice cream shop, and other areas for cultural and artistic activities.

“My mission is to continue contributing to society by providing opportunities for empowerment and growth not only to small businesses but to everything that contributes and has a multiplier impact on the social welfare of the community,” said Feliciano.

Angelina is a concept that promotes entrepreneurship and collaboration, it currently has 50 employees and hopes to integrate new businesses down the road, as well as a holistic wellness facility with therapeutic massages.

On its second level, there will be spaces that help the collective well-being of the Santurce community from an artistic and cultural aspect.

With Angelina, Feliciano also wants to give emerging artists and cultural managers the opportunity to integrate art, culture and healthy lifestyles through activities, presentations, galleries, and exhibitions.

“This magical place, in addition to giving my first business, OM Studio, a permanent home, also provides a safe and sustainable site for new businesses,” said Feliciano.

With a career of more than 20 years, Feliciano has ventured into different industries such as fashion, gastronomy, real estate, and cosmetology.

Feliciano is a specialist in curly hair and developed a movement in Puerto Rico to maintain natural curly hair, getting her clients and industry figures to proclaim her the “Queen of Curls.”

To address the growing need for professional products for this type of hair, Laura developed the OM My Goodness and Maranta Power products. Both lines are currently sold locally and internationally.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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