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NY firm to monitor energy use at several public buildings

UtiliVisor will measure energy consumption at Police headquarters and two other public buildings. (Credit: © Mauricio Pascual)

For the second time this year, the Public Buildings Authority has awarded a contract to New York-based utiliVisor to monitor energy consumption levels at government centers in Aguadilla and Caguas, as well as the Police Department’s Hato Rey headquarters.

The financial terms or duration of the agreement were not announced Friday, as they are still being determined, utiliVisor executives said.

The three buildings were built in the 1970s and require energy upgrades to comply with Gov. Luis Fortuño’s political platform calling for all public agencies to reduce energy consumption by at least 10 percent. Combined, the facilities span some 595,000 square feet of space, the biggest being the Police Department’s Roosevelt Avenue headquarters, which encompass 412,250 square feet.

UtiliVisor will work with the PBA to determine the measurement and verification systems necessary to allow the agency to evaluate energy efficiency savings achieved under a performance contract being offered by Trane Company.

Trane is proposing the implementation of a series of energy conservation measures for the facilities, including lighting retrofits, HVAC improvements and water conservation strategies.

The entire energy conservation project at the PBA buildings is being managed by Alvarez-Diaz + Group (AD+G), PSC.

“For the PBA to achieve its energy conservation targets, it is essential that the agency understand and validate the measurement and verification documentation needed to establish baseline data — before entering into a performance contract,” said Peter Angerame, director of sales at utiliVisor. “Working as a team with AD+G, we will provide the PBA with a complete solution, enabling it to determine what the energy savings will be.”

Once the performance contract is implemented, utiliVisor will review all data collection to validate the monthly energy savings and will provide the PBA with ongoing recommendations for improved operating performance of all building systems to ensure energy efficiencies are maximized.

“Utilivisor’s technical expertise was pivotal during our contract negotiations with the ESCO,” said Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz, AIA, principal at A-D+G. “Their experience and leadership were invaluable for this project.”

In February, the PBA announced a similar agreement with the firm to monitor energy consumption at the Minillas Government Center in Santurce.

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Author Details
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