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Open Mobile, Motorola launch pair of devices, new unlimited plan

Josué González, marketing director for Open Mobile

Wireless carrier Open Mobile and device manufacturer Motorola Mobility have teamed up to enter the so-called premium mobile market with the introduction of two Motorola products that are paired with an unlimited plan to talk, text and surf the Web for $65 a month.

In preparation for the launch of the new devices, which require additional bandwidth capacity, Open Mobile has invested $5 million in network improvements, said Josué González, marketing director for Open Mobile.

The Motorola Milestone X smartphone and the Xoom tablet will go on sale Wednesday, zeroing in on the burgeoning local market seeking “always-on,” multimedia wireless communications. However, because the devices cost about $1,200 each, Open Mobile will set 1,000 aside for a special sale on May 2-12, when they will go for $699.95, company officials announced Tuesday.

Richard Sánchez, sales director for Motorola Mobility for Latin America and the Caribbean, said during the news conference that “with Milestone X … we’re tearing down the barriers so that users can experience the Web in the way it was intended, sharing and seeing content like never before, whether on the palm of their hands or at home.”

The Milestone X smartphone features a high-resolution, 4.3-inch screen that allows the user to view sharp video images. The device also features an 8-megapixel camera with dual flash and high-definition video capability. It runs on the Android operating system and integrates Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

Meanwhile, the Motorola Xoom tablet features a 1 Gigahertz processor and, among other things, integrates the capacity to become a mobile hot spot, enabling several Wi-Fi device clients to connect to it at once. This device is also compatible with the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 software and features Android Market, a gateway to more than 150,000 applications.

“We have a strong commitment to offer our customers the best Android experience on the Open Mobile network,” said González. “This way, we’re focusing on bringing to Puerto Rico the Android phone that is currently the market leader, the Milestone X, along with the new Xoom table. Both devices allow Open Mobile to offer their clients two unique experiences with connectivity and high-definition mobile multimedia features.”

Along with the devices, Open Mobile is launching Open Select, an unlimited plan for its smartphone portfolio, for $65 a month. Because Open Mobile is a company that has focused on the pre-paid market, it is not surprising that this plan requires direct debit payment.

The Open Select plan is the first in a series of “premium” plans Open Mobile is developing to cater to a more sophisticated wireless consumer, González noted.

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