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P.R. Tourism Co. looks to integrate towns into the sector’s growth strategy

The Puerto Rico Tourism Co. intends to continue integrating the island’s 78 municipalities into efforts related to promoting economic development as a result of tourism activity.

During the “First Municipal Tourism Summit” participants had the opportunity to receive information on how to integrate the initiatives that the agency has launched to develop tourism in every Puerto Rican town. More than 100 municipal representatives participated, Tourism Co. officials said.

The all-day forum focused on encouraging municipalities to join the Tourism Co.’s “Voy Turisteado” marketing and promotion efforts; explaining the role and responsibilities of municipalities related to destination management; offering tools so that they can spur tourism development in their zones; and, sharing best practices in destination management.

“The celebration of this First Municipal Tourism Summit is born from the need to continue strengthening municipal management to spur sustainable tourism development throughout the island, as well as the need to optimize the links between local governments and the Tourism Co,” the agency’s Executive Director Carla Campos said.

“Puerto Rico has the resources and attractions to offer visitors world-class experiences. It is simply about working as a team, creating the necessary structures to make it happen,” she said.

“The Government of Puerto Rico, through the Tourism Co.’s efforts, recognizes it’s of vital importance that the mayors, as well as each municipality’s tourism director, have the capacity to be in constant communication with us, especially with our regional directors,” said Campos.

“This forum gave us one more opportunity to foster dialogue and to exchange ideas and experiences to improve our tourism offer and elevate the experience we offer foreign tourists and the residents of our Island,” Campos said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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