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Pasta to Go expands footprint in Caguas, eyes international growth

The popular restaurant chain Pasta to Go, known for its fresh pasta and artisanal sauces, has opened its fourth location at Plaza Centro Mall in Caguas and has been endorsed with the Hecho en Puerto Rico quality seal. The opening is a milestone in the chain’s growth since its inception.

Pasta to Go CEO Luis González-Fuentes, in an interview with News is my Business, shared plans for upcoming stand-alone locations in Manatí and Fajardo later this year. 

“Then, later this year, we will be opening four more establishments in Ponce, Mayagüez, Trujillo Alto and Bayamón,” said González-Fuentes. “And, in 2025, we will be opening the first store in Mexico. We will open three stores in Mexico, and in 2026 in California, near the border. Additionally, we plan to open an establishment in Florida.”

The new Caguas establishment, which spans 800 square feet, saw a $35,000 investment from PTG Global Enterprise, with the mall’s owner, Kimco Realty Puerto Rico, contributing $175,000. 

The site is expected to generate 12 direct and between 45 to 60 indirect jobs.

The partnership behind Pasta to Go includes Carlos Rodríguez, chef and founder; Enrique Domínguez; Roberto Soto; and González-Fuentes. 

González-Fuentes reflected on 2023, saying it “was one of the most difficult but fruitful for us. We opened our first store – as partners – in Carolina, followed by San Patricio, and now we are excited to expand into Plaza Centro Mall in Caguas. We are committed to continuing to grow and bring our delicious pastas to more places in Puerto Rico and beyond.”

In addition to the Caguas site, there’s an establishment in Bayamón, opened in 2006 with a 1,000-square-foot space and a $60,000 investment, creating 11 jobs. The San Patricio stand-alone location boasts 3,200 square feet and drive-through services

“About $600,000 was invested in this location, and it has created 15 jobs,” he said. “Given that it has a drive-through, two more people had to be hired.”

Pasta to Go also operates a food truck on Kennedy Avenue near the Nissan and Infiniti dealerships, employing three staff members.

“The story of Pasta to Go: The founder and his wife converted a little hot dog cart and adapted it to make pasta, and that is how Pasta to Go began 21 years ago,” González-Fuentes recounted.

The chain utilizes Uber Eats and Doordash for deliveries, which González-Fuentes noted “are platforms that are helping more people reach us.”

“The food truck at Kennedy Avenue will soon undergo some changes,” he added. “We are making it bigger and installing air conditioning.”

Strategies for success
As part of its strategies for success, Pasta to Go has focused on using quality products, while delivering food to customers as quickly as possible.

“The pasta is made at our stores; it’s fresh pasta – our chef’s recipe, and apart from that we can deliver it quickly,” González-Fuentes explained. “Our format allows us to be able to hand over the order within 5 minutes. And so, when you already have a formula in the food area that works, combining swiftness with quality, then investors start approaching us. Currently, we face no competition in our market niche, and we intend to maintain that lead for a while.”

The upcoming Mexican outlets in Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada will be overseen by new partner Enrique Jiménez-Podesta of Rocca Arquitectura, who, along with PTG Global Enterprise partners, has established Pasta to Go México.

Author Details
Author Details
Maria Miranda is an investigative reporter and editor with 20 years of experience in Puerto Rico’s English-language newspapers. In that capacity, she has worked on long-term projects and has covered breaking news under strict deadlines. She is proficient at mining data from public databases and interviewing people (both public figures and private sector individuals). She is also a translator, and has edited and translated an economy book on Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis. She worked as an interpreter for FEMA during the recent recovery efforts of Hurricane María and earned her FEMA badge.

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