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PR beverage producer to begin exporting to FL

Puerto Rican manufacturer Pan American Properties announced Monday it will be expanding its ready-to-drink cocktail product line, Gasolina Urban Blends, to Florida. The export plans call for teaming up with Premier Beverage, which has begun distributing the product in the southern U.S. jurisdiction, the company announced Monday.

“We are very excited to introduce Gasolina Urban Blends to the Florida market and to work with Premier Beverage. We believe Gasolina will revolutionize the ready to drink cocktail category,” said Rene Acosta, Director of Pan American Properties’ Liquor Division.

In an interview with News is my Business, Acosta said stateside product sales began in mid-January and the expectation is to generate more than $3 million in revenue from the sale of some 150,000 cases of the cocktail line.

“Our success in Puerto Rico, combined with really positive market research results in the U.S., gives us great confidence that the brand will be a winner in Florida and therefore our point of entry into the U.S. mainland,” Acosta added, noting that other target markets are the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, as well as Texas, all places where millions of Puerto Ricans live.

“Puerto Ricans that live over there take the products back with them when they go home, and there is a high demand from residents in those states who call us asking where they can buy the product near them,” said Acosta.

Pan American Properties is a division of Pan American Grain, a seasoned exporter. However, going outside the island is a first for Pan American Properties, which began producing the Gasolina Urban Blends line four years ago, Acosta noted.

“We spent several years working on the labeling, the permits and the concept until getting the approval from federal regulators to sell the product in the U.S. mainland,” said Acosta, noting that packaging requirements for stateside markets are different than for those sold locally.

Gasolina Urban Blends, which is highly popular among young adults, is available in six flavors: Original!, Tu Madras! Pink Martini, Mojito, Sea Breeze and Sangriiia.

The beverage is unique in its category because it is crafted with premium spirits such as high quality Caribbean white rum, 100 percent agave tequila, five times filtered and distilled vodka and 100 percent natural fruit juices, according to the corporate description of the product. Its alcohol content varies from 7.5 percent to 11 percent.

While exporting the product is sure to boost Pan American Properties’ bottom line, projections were not available Monday afternoon. The company, however, plans to market aggressively in Florida cities, including Gainesville, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Panama City.

Gasolina will be distributed in Florida in the same portable, 200 ml aluminum pouches available in Puerto Rico. The beverage will be sold individually or in convenient 5-packs at selected local liquor stores and bars.

“Gasolina is a high quality drink, with portable and convenient packaging that will be very attractive not only for the active on-premise market, but it will be ideal for the Florida outdoor lifestyle,” said Eric Pfeil, executive vice-president of Premier Beverage. “We are proud to add Gasolina to our portfolio of products and look forward to a very successful business relationship.”
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Author Details
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    how can i get thisfor my lounge in poinciana fl. i seen it as a slushy machne


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