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Puerto Rican chefs to take part in Miami culinary fest

Pilon Caldero y Fogon 072913-page-0Four renowned Puerto Rican chefs have been invited to take part in this weekend’s “Pilón, Caldero y Fogón” culinary fest in Miami, organizers said Wednesday.

Chef Jimmy Carey, owner and chef of Jimmy’z Kitchen restaurants, will be hosting the event that will gather in his kitchen Giovanna Huyke, Xavier Pacheco — owner and chef at the Jaquita Baya restaurant in Miramar — Rafael Barrera, and Pedro Alvarez-Cortés, who will create a tasting menu based on Puerto Rico’s flavors, ingredients, and recipes for the Aug. 16-17 event.

“We wanted to explore the flavors of La Isla del Encanto’s cuisine in our Wynwood restaurant as we recognized the significance of the neighborhood as the original Puerto Rican community in Miami,” Carey said. “Through the concerts, the food, and now these gastronomic dinners, we’re helping to bring attention about the cultural richness of Puerto Rico not only to the South Florida community, but to the rest of the U.S.”

The local chefs are part of the Puerto Rico Gastronomic Association, whose mission is to encourage and urge the use of agricultural products produced in the island at Puerto Rican restaurants.

This is the second on a series of dinners created by this group of Puerto Rican chefs in stateside restaurants. The first one was at MIO Restaurant in Washington D.C. where Huyke is executive chef.

The “Pilón, Caldero y Fogón” inspiration comes from Puerto Rico’s past tradition of creating dishes based on the agricultural products found in the island.  The chefs will be creating a tasting menu that demonstrates not only this tradition, but the innovative future of the island’s cuisine.

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Author Details
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