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Puerto Rican firm We Connect transitions into virtual, 3D event planning

We Connect, a local company that provides solutions and strategies for event production, announced its expansion and transition into offering services to a virtual world.

Through the adoption of Virtway Events, a proprietary and global platform/technology that allows the coordination of any type of event in 3D format, the company becomes the first Virtway certified partner in Puerto Rico, and one of 20 at a global level, allowing the provision of services to local companies as well as anywhere globally.

We Connect 3D Virtual Events is a platform that allows events with up to 2,000 participants/users in simultaneous platforms, similar to concurrent rooms if it was a traditional event, and up to 500 users in one same scenario to hold seminars, conventions, trainings and any type of event, but in 3D format.

Through personalized avatars, users can participate from any where (home, work or outdoors) via the internet, in events, migrate or be teleported from one room to another and even interact individually or in a group with other participants, similarly to an in-person setting, company officials said.

“I feel that it has been providential since this opportunity appeared just when I was exploring new ideas on expanding my company’s portfolio of services in a virtual setting. It just happened that the pandemic stroke and it made necessary these types of services,” said Zoraida Fournier, We Connect’s owner.

“Our 3D technology platform can benefit many potential clients, mainly professional associations/organizations that have mandatory annual assemblies, coordinate conventions and seminars, and offer continuing education courses, as it provides them with a way to give continuity to their events in a transparent, accessible, environmentally responsible, secure health wise, and in a very cost efficiently manner,” she said.

One of the main advantages of We Connect’s 3D technology is its broad spectrum of use since it is the only 3D commercial engine for virtual spaces that works in PC and MAC, as well as iOS and Android mobile platforms, allowing total liberty of access to the user, from basically anywhere with an Internet connection. The platform is also multilingual, available in Spanish, English and French.

Potential clients for this service include private entities and companies providing educational or team building seminars, product launches or promotional activations, Open Houses for schools, universities, colleges and other organizations which want to show their services and offerings, as well as any type of company that had to postpone or cancel events due to social distancing.

Some of the benefits associated with this 3D technology, besides being 100% safe for the participants since the experience is totally virtual, avoiding personal contact are: cost efficiency; time savings; environmentally friendly; accessibility and ease-of-use; and access to audience measurement and segmentation, among others.

“My goal is to offer a virtual space with no limits 100% safe for users, in times when social distancing is the norm,” Fournier said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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