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Puerto Rico Coffee Expo returns in October

Looking to celebrate the Puerto Rican coffee industry’s 275th anniversary, dozens of local brands, as well as representatives and suppliers of this important and emerging local industry, will gather for the second edition of the Puerto Rico Coffee Expo, Oct. 8-9 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

“We had extraordinary success last year. More than 20,000 people attended the event, more than 40 coffee brands displayed their products, more than 30,000 coffee cups were served, 20 new baristas were certified and more than $100,000 in direct sales were achieved,” said Pedro Fernández Jerez, producer and partner of organizing company CUBE Group Inc. “This year, the event’s main objective will be to stimulate and strengthen the Puerto Rican coffee industry locally and internationally.”

The celebration of the 275 years of Puerto Rico’s coffee industry “is the perfect occasion to continue emphasizing the importance this industry has to our island, from both economic and cultural points of view,” he said.

The Puerto Rico Coffee Expo will also include the participation of other products that usually complement a cup of coffee, such as oats, bread, juices, cookies, cheese, sweeteners, among others, he said.

“We would like to see this event as a big breakfast, where coffee has the leading role in every morning’s meal combined with other products,” Fernández Jerez added.

For more information about the Puerto Rico Coffee Expo visit www.prcoffeeexpo.com

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Author Details
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