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Puerto Rico Economic Empowerment Summit held at Capitol Hill 

Friends of Puerto Rico, a nonprofit organization, hosted the Puerto Rico Economic Empowerment Summit on Oct. 18 at Capitol Hill as part of its mission to foster economic development on the island.

The event highlighted the investment opportunities and entrepreneurial activity in Puerto Rico and was organized in coordination with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and was attended by about 100 people.

The “Empowering Futures” panel focused on key aspects of local wealth creation, emphasizing youth and women entrepreneurship, access to capital and federal resources, and connecting local businesses to national and global markets. 

Among the speakers were Mark Madrid, associate administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA), and business owner Minerva Serrano of Activus Connect. 

The “Puerto Rico Prosperity Unveiled” panel was designed to “gain valuable insights” into the current economic trends and indicators, as well as the key sectors driving Puerto Rico’s growth. 

In addition, the panel aimed at offering information on government initiatives crafted to attract and support investors and learn from successful investment stories that showcase Puerto Rico’s economic potential. Ella Woger of Invest Puerto Rico; William Ramos from the Economic Development Administration; James Connor, CEO of Acrecent Financial Corp.; and Luis Davila, executive director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA), led the conversation. 

The “Breaking Barriers” panel shined a spotlight on influential women driving Puerto Rico’s economic growth. From navigating challenges to seizing opportunities, the panelists shared their experiences, strategies and strategies for the future. 

Participants were also encouraged to make individual and collective commitments to support Puerto Rico’s economic development in an “action” session led by Yania Villanueva. 

The event concluded with a reception sponsored by Fordham University and featured Rums of Puerto Rico.

“The Puerto Rico Economic Empowerment Summit is a vital platform for driving the economic growth of Puerto Rico,” said Angelique Sina, president of Friends of Puerto Rico. “With a focus on community building, innovation and investment, the summit’s goal is to create a bridge of stakeholders and advance economic development.” 

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