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Puerto Rico Pathology opens $1.5M clinical lab in San Juan

The investment brings advanced technology and specialized care.

Puerto Rico Pathology, a full-service anatomical, clinical and surgical laboratory, recently opened its doors in San Juan, following a $1.5 million investment.

The 3,200-square-foot clinical and oncological laboratory, which includes specialized pediatric and bariatric areas, is creating five jobs with plans to hire an additional five, company officials said.

“It fills us with satisfaction that we, as Puerto Rican pathologists, are committed to local investment, demonstrating our commitment to the health and well-being of our community. This new laboratory represents a significant milestone in our continued effort to offer the highest quality health services to our patients,” said Elba Torres, president of Puerto Rico Pathology.

She highlighted the incorporation of advanced technology and modern instrumentation “that will allow offering precise diagnoses and more effective treatments to our patients.”

Puerto Rico Pathology staff is a “select group with extensive experience,” many of them recognized professionals in different subspecialties of pathology, as well as professors in Puerto Rico and stateside universities.

For 70 years, the organization has offered a range of services that comply with all external competence programs and protocols, which include the strictest quality control in all technical processes, it stated.

Some of the routine tests offered at the facility are СВС, Cholesterol and Lipids, HA1C, Chemistry, Thyroid, Urinalysis, Vitamin D, Gynecological tests that include papillomavirus, respiratory diseases, tumor markers.

Some of the routine tests offered at the facility include CBC (complete blood count), cholesterol and lipid panels, Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), chemistry panels, thyroid function tests, urinalysis, vitamin D levels, gynecological tests (including papillomavirus screening), respiratory disease panels, and tumor markers.

It also supports oncologists with tumor marker tests for colon, pancreas, ovary, prostate and breast cancers. Additionally, it is expanding its offerings to include molecular/cytogenetic tests, allergy testing, paternity testing, health certificates and molecular tests for solid tumors.

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Author Details
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