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Puerto Rico taxis, public carriers get green light to offer delivery service

Taxi drivers and public carriers have been given the green light to make light cargo deliveries, and strike agreements with different businesses— including mobile applications — to conduct such activities, Bureau of Transportation and Other Public Services president Luis D. García-Fraga announced.

The agency issued notice XIV-2020 to establish the process through which taxi drivers and carriers will be able to apply for a provisional authorization to transport goods not exceeding 10,000 pounds, he said.

“We know the taxi drivers and public carriers industry has been severely affected by the emergency and their income is practically nothing,” García-Fraga said.

“With these measures, we seek to guarantee that citizens stay homes and ensure the continuity of essential services, while giving taxis and public carriers the chance to make some type of income by providing them with this free permit,” he said.

To get the permit, applicants must access the agency’s website and complete the registration as an individual — not as a business. Required documents include a valid certificate authorizing the vehicle to be used, a valid license depending on the type of vehicle, Social Security card, and the motor vehicle registration.

The provisional authorization also allows drivers to work with different digital platforms that offer delivery services to citizens.

In addition, it authorizes the applicant to offer their services to different grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores and any other business that may serve as a facilitator between the business and the customer, he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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