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T-Mobile CEO Legere in San Juan today for ‘Winners Circle P.R.’ event

T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed he will be in San Juan today to meet with employees during its “Winners Circle Puerto Rico” event, which will take place all week.

This is the first time T-Mobile celebrates the companywide affair in Puerto Rico, which will bring some 1,500 employees to the island, including other high-ranking company executives like Jon Freier, executive vice president of T-Mobile U.S.

During a Facebook Live of his traditional “Slow cooker Sunday” cooking session, Legere — now wearing his hair in T-Mobile’s signature magenta — said “I’m in Naples, Florida because I’m on my way to Puerto Rico. I’m so excited about that. I’m going to see a large group of T-Mobile winners and heroes to celebrate what we call the ‘Winners Circle’.” 

“By the way, since I’m heading to Puerto Rico to celebrate, I’m going to start that celebration today and make a special dish with something that I love so much, that the team in Puerto Rico turned me on to, which is sofrito,” he said in the 11-minute video in which he can be seen in the kitchen, prepping to make a sofrito chicken recipe.

The company’s Winners Circle event is an annual recognition for employees usually conducted in Las Vegas. However, Legere said the company purposefully moved it this year to Puerto Rico, to “celebrate Puerto Rico’s amazing recovery and people and we’re going to be there in full force. We love Puerto Rico, we’re there to stay.”

In anticipation for the week-long event, T-Mobile signs and billboards could be seen throughout the Condado and Isla Verde areas, where some of San Juan’s largest hotels are located.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere dedicated his habitual “Slow cooker Sunday” Facebook Live to making sofrito chicken, prior to coming to Puerto Rico.

Since taking over the reins of the wireless carrier several years ago, Legere has emerged as one of the most noticeable and charismatic CEOs in the U.S., launching initiatives that have turned the sector on its head. He also ditched the “suit and tie” culture within the company, replacing it with a more casual look — T-shirts, jeans and sneakers — worn by employees at all levels.

He speaks candidly and directly to competitors — often through his social media channels — calling them out on what he calls “pain points” for consumers, while challenging them to address them as T-Mobile has.

Meanwhile, Freier also took to his social media to announce his trip to Puerto Rico, posting shots of the beach in the Condado area.

“It’s great to be back in Puerto Rico because I [love Puerto Rico] The island is such a special place with incredible people, a rich culture and a vibrant future,” he said in a post on his Facebook page. 

“We will always stand with Puerto Rico and continue to help the island in every way possible. Por Puerto Rico, no vamos a parar!,” he said. “Looking forward to spending time with some of our very best team members over the next few days and talk about how we’re going to do amazing things, together, ushering in the next era of the Technology Revolution!”

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Author Details
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