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‘Mother of all Tomatoes’ campaign promotes harvest

logo LA MADRE TOMATES PUERTO RICOSanta Isabel-based fresh produce distributor Caribbean Produce Exchange recently launched a new marketing campaign under the “The Mother of All Tomatoes” slogan to promote and support the local tomato harvest produced by the Gargiulo Puerto Rico farm, which is a partner in the effort, said Gualberto Rodríguez III, president of CPE.

“Puerto Ricans have always felt a strong sense of pride of all the wonders our island has to offer, like El Yunque rainforest, athletes, actors and beauty queens, who have given a lot of glory to Puerto Rico, among many others,” said Rodríguez. “Our agricultural products are no exception, and in this case, the tomato is ‘The Mother of All Tomatoes,’ because of its freshness, quality and great flavor. It is harvested in Puerto Rico by Puerto Rican hands, supporting the investment in the agricultural sector and the creation of local employment.”

The tomato is a main staple in the Puerto Rican cuisine, based on estimates that show that approximately 400,000 pounds of tomatoes are consumed on a weekly basis in Puerto Rico.

“The objective of the campaign is for the consumer to recognize the tomato as a fresh, locally harvested produce, that is easy to integrate in the everyday diet and make it essential in your shopping list,” Rodríguez.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Fernández, agronomist and general manager of Gargiulo’s farm, an 800-acre farm located in Santa Isabel, said “the campaign is key in supporting the continuity of agricultural projects on the island and to promote the consumption of tomatoes.”

The new campaign, which runs through April, consists of executions in traditional media, billboards, social media, supermarkets and restaurants.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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